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A positive contribution to an inclusive and cohesive multicultural Western Australia

Our vision is to continue to nurture a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive cultural association whose members are not only good stewards of our host nation, but true cultural ambassadors of our ancestral homeland.

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About IAWA

The Igbo people are relatively new arrivals to Western Australia. Igbo people, one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria started arriving in Western Australia in the 1980’s, mainly as students and by the 1990’s, more arrived as skilled migrants. However, there wasn’t a steady flow of Igbos into Western Australia until early 2000’s when the mining boom in WA fuelled an influx of new students and migrant workers.

By 2007, spurred by death of a prominent Igbo son in WA, some Igbo elders decided to form a structure to support each other, foster Igbo interests and sustain Igbo cultural heritage. This led to the birth of Igbo Association of Western Australia (IAWA).

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