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In the wake of a 2012 grim publication by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) that Igbo language will be extinct by 2025, Igbos all over the world started rallying to save their indigenous language. Igbo Association of Western Australia (IAWA) was not to be left behind. With the untiring efforts of the leadership and elders, Igbo language school was born.

Igbo language school is part of a broader plan to establish a sustainable Centre for Igbo Language, Arts and Culture (CILAC) and the objective is to promote Igbo Language, Arts and Culture in Western Australia where about 400 people are native speakers of the language. With initial seed money from the Office of Multicultural Interests, WA Department of Local Governments and Communities, IAWA set up the language school to educate children of Igbo extraction on the need to sustain a language on the brink of extinction. The curriculum is such that both children of Igbo extraction and non-Igbos who may want to learn the language are provided with the rudiments of the spoken and written language to prepare them for the increasing complexity as they make progress.

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