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Information for Applicants

Your personal details are required under section 27 of the Association Incorporation Act (1987). If your application is accepted, your name and address, as provided above, must be recorded in a register of members and be made available to other members, upon request, under section 06 of the Association Incorporation Act. You can access or correct personal information (Your name and address) by contacting the association. If your application is accepted, you are entitled to inspect and make a copy of the rules (constitutions) of the association. If your application for membership is rejected by the committee, you may give notice of your intention to appeal within 14 days of being advised of the rejection. The association in a general meeting, no later than the next annual general meeting, must confirm or set aside the decision of the committee rejecting your application, after giving you a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to make written representations to the general meeting.